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  1. Masters Series™ Wigeon

    Masters Series™ Wigeon


    Flambeau's Wigeon decoys are available in Classic size with a weighted keel. All Wigeon decoys are Master's Series™. UVision Technology. Specifications Weighted keel. Classic size, includes (4) drakes and (2) hens. Learn More
  2. Stormfront™ Classic Mallard 12-Pack

    Stormfront™ Classic Mallard 12-Pack


    Out of stock

    Classic Mallards feature a long list of innovations only found on Storm Front Decoys. Proven to be extremely durable and deadly on greenheads, every box includes (3) Active Drakes, (3) Semi-resting Drakes, and (6) Semi-resting Hens, the most body positions ever offered at this retail price. An innovative keel design includes center tie points allowing for added motion on light wind days. Depth adjusting eyelet allows hunters to change water depths without excess decoy line. Secure strap weight location ensures an easy setup and teardown. The paint schemes were also developed utilizing Patent Pending UVision Technology matching the reflectance of real feathers in the full range of light visible to waterfowl, including Ultra-Violet. Specifications Weighted Keel. Classic 14". Includes (3) active drakes, (3) semi-resting drakes and (6) semi-resting hens. Learn More
  3. Flambeau Premium Quad Lanyard

    Flambeau Premium Quad Lanyard


    The Premium Quad Lanyard is just what you need to secure all of your pricy calls.... With (4) dual drops, you can secure up to (8) calls. All supports a drop for you dog whistle or remote. Specifications (4) dual drops. Braided nylon. Learn More
  4. Flambeau Outdoors Masters Series™ Extreme Series Mallard 3-Pack

    Flambeau Outdoors Masters Series™ Extreme Series Mallard 3-Pack


    You may not be able to fit all that many in a decoy bag or in your boat, but if you're looking for a tank of a decoy....... look no further. The Extremes are 26" long and are the largest floating mallard decoy on the market. Talk about some drawing power! Specifications Weighted keel. Extreme size, includes (2) drakes and (1) hen. Learn More
  5. Flambeau Master Series™ Sleeping Mallard 4-Pack

    Flambeau Master Series™ Sleeping Mallard 4-Pack


    Sleepers are some of the most deadly decoys in the world! During that late season when it gets really cold and the birds are tough, sleepers will give your spread a more relaxed look resulting in more birds bagged. Specifications Weighted Keel. Classic size, includes (3) drakes and (1) hen. This sleeping mallard added to any set builds confidence in wary birds. Adds amazing realism to your spread. Learn More
  6. Flambeau Dove Decoy

    Flambeau Dove Decoy


    Life-like, detailed hand painting. Full size, 11" high. Base grips branches for strategic placement. Carton of 12. Learn More
  7. Flambeau Soft Side Gun Cases

    Flambeau Soft Side Gun Cases


    6485MX / 6485BU / 6485SG - Floating Gun Case Flambeau"s Floating Gun Case keeps more than you decoys afloat.• Exclusive Zerust liner provides corrosion protection. • Foam in tip of case protects gun barrel.• Large hook and loop gun Learn More
  8. Flambeau Shell Bag

    Flambeau Shell Bag


    Shell Belt. Neoprene. Holds up to (25) 3-1/2" shotgun shells.4110MX Max-4 HD™ or 4110SG Shadow Grass® Learn More
  9. Flambeau Rod Cases 56"-72"

    Flambeau Rod Cases 56"-72"


    Rod Cases - 5872 / 5560 / 5158Economical. Great for everyday transportation and storage. 5872-Black in color. 3" in diameter. 56" long. Size: 11" x 7.75" x 44"5560-Black in color. 2" in diameter. 34"-60" long. Size: 11.25" x 8" x 34" Learn More
  10. Flambeau Push Pole

    Flambeau Push Pole


    Push Pole. 3 section breakdown yields minimal length when collapsed. Rubber hand grip with wrist strap. Aluminum construction resists corrosion. Learn More

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