Walker"s Game Ear II with AFT

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Walker"s Game Ear II with AFT

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Eight years after it"s introduction, Walker"s Game Ear Inc. is proud to announce the development of the Game Ear II with AFT (Adjustable Frequency Tuning), technology so advanced it is truly a product of the 21st Century.

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Walker"s Game Ear, a name synonymous with hearing enhancement in the great out of doors, has introduced a new product that allows hunters to tune into specific frequencies in order to better hear their quarry, while still protecting their hearing from damaging effects of muzzle blasts. Walker"s Game Ear II, the latest product offering from nationally renowned outdoorsman and inventor Bob Walker, uses a proprietary technological circuit that allows hunters to adjust Walker"s Game Ear II to enhance specific frequencies that might be missing from their range of hearing, or to the precise frequencies of sound made by the game they are hunting. "This is the first hearing enhancement device that allows hunters to tune in, or focus specific frequencies," says Walker, who took a Pennsylvania P&Y whitetail and New York record book gobbler using Walker"s Game Ear II. "This is much more than simple amplification," explains Walker. "On our original Game Ear, frequency response is pre-set at the factory, giving the user the ability to adjust the volume to their desired level, and in many cases that"s all that is needed. By adding this highly sophisticated adjustable frequency tuning (AFT) circuit, which is easily accessed via a tuning set screw, the Game Ear II allows the wearer to actually customize the frequency response to compensate for their individual needs in the high, medium or low ranges." Walker analogizes the effect to focusing binoculars. "Everyone has different levels of vision, the ability to adjust binoculars enables the user to focus on the clarity of the image. The same is true in hearing. To hear game better, you need to hear and enhance specific ranges of frequencies. Now, using Game Ear II with AFT, hunters can fine tune that range to compensate for their individual needs and better focus on specific frequencies that might be more advantageous in the field." Although Walker"s Game Ear II has been redesigned in a more sleek, non-reflective matte finish casing, "We are staying with the behind-the-ear design because it allows for greater amplification power (48 dB) and our sound-tube earplug offers a higher noise reduction rating (NRR 29 dB) than any other product on the market. It can also be worn in either the right or left ear with no special fitting required," explains Walker. "To have the #1 selling product in any industry is an accomplishment, and it is very easy to rest on your laurels but, if through research and development you can make the best product better, to remain on top, you must make the changes. No other hearing enhancement device offers the safety, power, and now customization as the Game Ear II and we are excited about accomplishing this feat." Comes with Batteries, sound tube/earplug and carrying case.

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