Walker"s Game Ear Tactical Ear II with AFT

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Walker"s Game Ear Tactical Ear II with AFT

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A new hearing enhancement/hearing protection device has been introduced that provides law enforcement official, SWAT teams and government agents a leg up in fighting crime.

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Walker’s Tactical Ear is a revolutionary hearing enhancement device that amplifies sounds nearly nine times normal hearing, enough to hear even the slightest noise during stakeouts, surveillance and SWAT interventions. Tactical Ear was invented by Walker"s Game Ear, the company that developed the technology to create the number one miniature hearing enhancement product for outdoorsmen. "Over the years, many police and security officers have asked me to design a device suited for their needs" says Bob Walker, President of Walker’s Game Ear, Inc. "I developed Tactical Ear specifically to address their situations." The device fits comfortably in back of the ear and weighs only .12 ounces. Tactical Ear’s technology allows for omnidirectional (360 degree range) hearing with emphasis on high frequency sounds such as: muted or low level conversation between law enforcement officers or suspect, the loading of a gun chamber, the clicking of a gun’s safety, or footsteps on abrasive surfaces. In addition, the Tactical Ear provides maximum hearing protection. Its specially designed ear plug delivers a noise reduction rating of 29 dBs. A special safety circuit shuts off the Tactical Ear when a firearm is discharged, further protecting hearing. Best of all, Walker’s Tactical Ear fits in only one ear, allowing the second ear to receive broadcasts from commanders via radio earplug. It also compensates for loss of hearing, normally experienced with a radio earplug. The Walker’s Tactical Ear can be used in training and live exercises. It’s technology allows wearers to hear all range commands and instructions. There is no special fitting required for the Tactical Ear. It’s ideal for government agents, SWAT team members, security personnel, counter-intelligence officials, military personnel, private detectives and police. What is the difference between the Tactical Ear and the Tactical Ear II w/AFT? "This is much more than simple amplification," explains Walker. "On our original Tactical Ear, frequency response is pre-set at the factory, giving the user the ability to adjust the volume to their desired level, and in many cases that"s all that is needed. By adding this highly sophisticated adjustable frequency tuning (AFT) circuit, which is easily accessed via a tuning set screw, the Tactical Ear II allows the wearer to actually customize the frequency response to compensate for their individual needs in the high, medium or low ranges."

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