Walker"s Game Ear Target Ear II with AFT

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Walker"s Game Ear Target Ear II with AFT

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Developed in "92, this hearing enhancement device now allows shooters to protect their hearing from muzzle blasts while better hearing range commands and the sound of trap releases.

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Walker’s Target Ear is a miniaturized, behind-the-ear hearing device has been developed by Walker’s Game Ear, Inc. Designed specifically for repetitive shooting, Walkers’ Target Ear has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29 decibels. It’s an ideal safety product for clay shooters, target shooters and anyone who needs to hear commands or conversation while protecting hearing from muzzle blasts. Walker’s Target Ear , which weighs less than a quarter of an ounce, fits behind either ear without any special fitting or customization. Its specially engineered ear plug blocks out hearing damaging muzzle blasts while the unit’s electronics amplify sounds that can improve accuracy and safety. "The problem with most hearing protection devices for shooters is that they block out just about everything, including conversation", says product inventor Bob Walker. "Consequently, it’s much more difficult to hear sounds important to both safety and shooting effectiveness." At the same time, Walker’s Target Ear state-of-the-art components amplify sound by as much as 23 decibels. "The amplification allows you to hear a trap release, which can improve your accuracy", says Walker. "Just as importantly, Walker’s Target Ear allows in the sound of instructors or conversation and background noise from other shooters. The added awareness makes the shooting range more safe." Walker’s Target Ear comes in a natural flesh tone. It’s compact size makes it comfortable and a rugged design makes it appropriate for any outside condition. Walker’s Target Ear fits in either the left or right ear. A unique design eliminates custom fitting. What is the difference between the Target Ear and the Target Ear II w/AFT? *"This is much more than simple amplification," explains Walker. "On our original Target Ear, frequency response is pre-set at the factory, giving the user the ability to adjust the volume to their desired level, and in many cases that"s all that is needed. By adding this highly sophisticated adjustable frequency tuning (AFT) circuit, which is easily accessed via a tuning set screw, the Target Ear II allows the wearer to actually customize the frequency response to compensate for their individual needs in the high, medium or low ranges." Also, the Target Ear II w/AFT increases hearing up to 3 times by amplifying high frequency sound with 36 dB of power.

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